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So if I end up burying my world of tanks posts somewhere in this blog, I'll just post a link to all of the things I write up in here with a brief description for help. Through my months of playing World of Tanks I've felt the desire to write up some helpful posts for my newer clan members. After writing a few and then switching clans I've lost access to hosting my collection of works on their forums (due to them closing after I left) so I've decided to rework them and host them on my blog. Hopefully they will all be helpful and informative!

World of Tanks Stats

Welcome to World of Tanks!
Some suggestions for newer players

Pew pew! Shoot tanks herrr
Simple stuff for people who people with shooting tanks driven by people

Mods everyone should have
A list of four mods and why they are so nice to have that I believe everyone should use for world of tanks.

Gold rounds and you
Mostly the ratio of gold rounds to regular rounds with some reasoning behind it.

Crew Skills
Briefly describes the different crew skills and how they work along with some default layouts and why.

Equiment Suggestions
Has some predefined suggestions for different roles and a short breakdown on each piece of equipment.

When to zoom in and out
A general "how to" for when to use sniper mode and strategic mode (artillery), and when to just shoot using third person.

Premium Tanks
How to use them, some common ones with a brief snippet about them, and the advantages of having them.

XVM Explained
Me talking about aspects of XVM, what it is (at least from my point of view), and how to install / edit it.

1 on 1
My attempt at a guild for working on a one on one fight in world of tanks.

Artillery Explained
Some general points for consideration on how world of tanks balanced artillery along with tips on playing artillery better.

As requested: Pretty much don't sit behind an allied tank and give it some wiggle room.

Tank Companies
Can be sumerized by, never start a tank company without already having a caller. More inside.

Arty Safe
Stuff to think about to decrease your chances of taking an arty round to the head.

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