Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adeptus Mechanicus Roster

We'll be playing 1500 point games at my local Games Workshop for Battlefleet Gothic so I've been trying to figure out a list to use for it. What I've got to work with if I use only my GW models (waiting for them to be delivered) is...
  • One Battleship (Omnissiah)
  • Three Cruisers (Two Gothic cruisers and one as a light cruiser)
  • Two Light Cruisers (Endeavour's)
  • Three Cobra Destroyers (In a squad)
  • Three Sword Frigates (In a squad as Cobras)
It is a bit hard to decide on a list with the limited number of ships I've got since I can't go large on escorts and most of my ships are very expensive. I've been looking around something like an Ark Mechanicus Omnissiah's Victory, three Endeavour Light Cruiser, two Gothic Class Cruiser, and two squads of three Cobra Destroyer's. Sadly this means that I have one too few light cruisers and one too many normal though I could probably change one Endeavour to an Endurance or something so it has a reason to be different.

On a separate note Nova Frigates are not what they sound like, I was expecting something with 1 battery and a nova canon but it wasn't.