My Warbands

So to better keep track of all my warbands I've decided to make a nice list of all my different warbands and all the models I have for them. A lot of these lists are not really fully fleshed out due to working on the final lists I want to do with the different characters of my warbands. Along with these I've been wanting to make a Sisters of Sigmar list and a few other warbands like dwarves.

1 Captain (sword, axe, bow)
2 Champions (sword, axe, bow)
2 Young bloods (sword)
1 Swordsman (sword, sword)
5 Marksmen (bow and arrows)
2 Warriors (halberds)

1 Vampire (Sword, cup of blood for effect, I need to get this model)
1 Necromancer (using my wizard, but I will definitely get a bow for those cases when I get a spell I can't use every turn)
3 Dregs (need to model, planning bows to act as my long range threats)
8 Zombies
4 War puppies

Cult of the Possessed
All the heroes (forsaken box with varying levels of mutations to show off their)
I've added a good bit of green stuff to make the Possessed even more noticeable compared to the mutants.
Crazies (The rest of them I'm using Flagellants, because they are crazy enough looking!)

Witch Hunters
All of the heroes
5 Flagellents (flails)

Orcs and Goblins
1 Boss (Sword / spear/ whatever, bow)
1 Shaman (club, club)
I forgot what the other heroes where
Golbins (see Night Goblins)
5 Squigs

Night Goblins
1 Big Boss (sword, short bow)
1 Shaman (club, club)
4 Bosses (sword, short bow)
3 Night Goblins (spear, short bow)
3 Night Goblins (sword, club)
1 Fanatic (Ball and Chain)
5 Squigs

I don't even know what I have for them anymore! Will update after I get arms on more then 2 models.

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